SUBJECT: = 1. Trees and Soils
SUBJECT: = 2. Ecological Basis for Sustainable Systems
SUBJECT: = 3. Urban Landscape Planning & Design
SUBJECT: = 4. Human Dimensions
SUBJECT: = 5. Business Practice
(Semester Codes: Offered, X = every year, E = even years, O = odd years, A = alternating years)

Students must complete a minimum of 12 semester credit hours from the following classes:
(no more than 7 semester credit hours from any one subject area)

Subject Course Semester
Number Title Instructor Hr Fa Sp My Su
SUBJ 1. HORT(CRSS) 4440/6400-4440/6400L Environmental Physiology Lindstrom and van Iersel 4   x    
CRSS(HORT) 4590 /6590 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Cabrera 3 x      
CRSS 4580/6580-4580L /6780L Soil Erosion and Conservation Hableselassie and Miller 3 x      
ENGR(GEOG) 4161/6161-4161L/6161L Environmental Microclimatology   3 not offered on reg. basis
SUBJ 2. ECOL 4010/6010 Ecosystem Ecology Hendrix and Wurzburger 3   x    
WASR(FORS) 4110/6110-4110L/6110L Forest Hydrology Jackson 4   x    
WASR 4400-4400L Introduction to Wetlands Jackson 3   x    
SUBJ 3. HORT(LAND) 3450 Residential Design   3   x    
EDES 4650/6650 City Planning Mathes, Ramos, and Thomas 3 not offered on reg. basis
FANR 3800-3800L Spatial Analysis of Natural Resources Hepinstall-Cymerman, and Nibbelink 2 x x    
GEOG 4660/6660 Urban and Regional Development Chou, Mu, and Yao 3 x x    
GEOG 4370/6370 -4370L/6370L Geographic Information Science   3 x x   x
SUBJ 4. ADPR 3850 Public Relations Cacciatore and Reber 3 x x    
EETH(JURI) 5870/7870 Environmental Dispute Resolution Dallmeye 2   x    
RLST(FORS)(ANTH) 5400/7400-5400L/7400L Parks and Ecotourism Management Miller 3   x    
PADP 4620 Public Administration and Democracy Koehler 3        
ANTH 3090 Evolution of Human Ecosystems   3 not offered on reg. basis
SOCI 3400 Environmental Sociology McKinzie 3        
SUBJ 5. AAEC 3040 Agribusiness Marketing Elad and Epperson 3   x    
FORS 5760/7760 Forest Products Marketing Harris 3 E      
AAEC 3980 Introduction to Agribusiness Management Schermerhorn, Smith, and Stegelin 3 x      
HORT 4091 Professional Horticulture Practices Thomas 3   x    
LAND 4710/6710 Professional Practice Hall, Longenecker, and Wasserman 3   x    
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